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50 ECG Challenge

Hands on Interpretation of 50 ECG Strips & Master the skills of Interpreting 25 ECG findings. 

Course Level: Beginner

Instructor: Dr Sajjan Madappady

Duration: 1 hour 36 min

Language: ENGLISH

Validity Period: 365 days

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About Course

Do you feel embarrassed when your patient expects to give an interpretation of his ECG? Do you feel ECG reading skill is the most important skill as a doctor but you are stuck? Do you feel a sense of guilt when you have to pass the ECG to other Doctor to give an Interpretation? Do you feel less of a Doctor as you are not able to give an option on one of the most important investigations of heart? If this seems like the world around you then, I shall assure that if you follow exactly what I instruct, by the end of this training you shall not only be equipped with skills to interpret 25 ECG Findings but also effectively remember all the steps and formulas. That’s my promise.
Who should take this course
  • Healthcare Professonals
  • Healthcare Students
  • Completed ECG Skill Level 1 
What you'll learn
  • Hands-on Interpretation Skills 
  • Understand how 25 interpretation techniques can be applied hands-on
  • How to make your ECG Interpretation comfortable
  • How to get the Systematic Interpretation
  • What kind of thought process to use

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Your Instructor

Dr Sajjan Madappady


Dr Sajjan Madappady is an author, creative artist, and healthcare entrepreneur who has been invited as a speaker for many national and international conferences and programs. He has been an integral part of the medical fraternity for the past 16 years. He has dared to push the boundaries of what's possible to innovate and transform healthcare to make it an affordable basic human right. His transformation of ideas and thoughts has laid the foundation of the Digital Healthcare Hub. He also has pioneered the field of medical tourism. His incisiveness, inventiveness, creativity, and originality coupled with his broad knowledge of clinical medicine, never-ending thirst, and enthusiasm for learning and teaching ECG have led to the publishing of the ECG book. The book also has been published in 3 languages (English, Spanish, and mandarin). He has been training students and doctors on ECG at various institutions internationally and has been successfully able to enhance the interest of medicos through his innovative three-dimensional concepts of ECG

Jassi Oberai

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